Single Page Application and Multiple Pages

In my previous article on developing web applications, I mentioned about having multiple pages in your single page application. I said that you can use your web pages as containers for other web pages and this is the best way to organize things. The container of the app or the single page application is the page where you are going to put the details of the app. This would be the main screen where you will see all the data or information from the app.

single page application

It does not really matter what page you use for this purpose. What matters is that you have enough space left in this page. You need to fill it with vital information or a single line of code that you need to present in this page. When you fill up the page with these important and necessary elements, you can decide what you want to do on this page. You can start adding other things in the next page and the cycle will continue to run.

You need to fill up this page with elements that should be present in the web pages but are not. For example, you may not want to see the address or the contact information from the home page in your single page application. You can put it elsewhere in the application.

You can also use it to give more importance to important information that you need to see in your web page. For example, if you are interested in the news, you can put the latest news at the top of the page. This way, you will get all the important news.

Here comes the most important part of putting everything in the page. If you don’t want to put any elements in this page, you can set up some variables like the title, description, link to download the app, etc.

A single page can be divided into sections and each section can contain only the elements that you want to put in it. In this way, you will be able to put everything in a single page, including the icon, titles, button, links, and the main content. You can even put images on this page.

Developing a single page application can be very rewarding because it will allow you to focus on your ideas instead of having to think about how to build this application and then having to rebuild it later. And the best thing is that you do not have to write a bunch of codes for each page because you have already built it with a few lines of code.

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