A Dedicated Server – A Quick Introduction A dedicated server is a type of server that has only one owner. This is extremely convenient to use as you will have your own website with full control. The thing that makes it different from any other kind of server is thatContinue Reading

When people think of a dedicated server, they usually think of large servers with all the bells and whistles that you don’t get on a shared server. They think of having the ability to run a large amount of software on their own server. This is a large misconception andContinue Reading

Managed hosting services can be used to protect a website, but for people who are not very familiar with the subject, there is a lot of confusion. In a nutshell, managed hosting is the service that you choose when you want to rent out your website. While it may soundContinue Reading

The Advantages and Disadvantages of a Dedicated Server In this article I will discuss the benefits and disadvantages of a dedicated server. Servers are usually used for large companies, or by some large organizations where there is a need to separate the business process from the servers. However, when youContinue Reading

A managed hosting service is one which manages the servers for a website. This enables a business to invest in some form of payment system which would help to secure their personal data. In order to ensure the safety of customer information, they will be given some security software thatContinue Reading

Before choosing a dedicated server company, one must first identify his or her needs. Depending on the type of business that you have and the extent of its operation, the type of server you choose will determine the size of the data center in which you can store your files.Continue Reading

The USA dedicated server hosting service enables the user to set up their own dedicated server. A dedicated server is essentially an operating system, network, security tools and applications for use with a web server. It is typically used to run various business applications such as databases, email, webmail, databasesContinue Reading

A managed hosting service can also be referred to as a web host company that uses multiple servers to host many different websites for business, governmental and personal use. The advantages of using managed hosting are the lower cost and the benefit of having multiple servers available at any givenContinue Reading