The best way to combat comment spam is to limit the number of links allowed on your website. This way, you can easily catch the spammers that want to use your link field to spread malware. In addition, limiting the number of links will reduce your vulnerability to attacks. YouContinue Reading

While LANs and WANs operate on different physical layers, they rely on the same basic model, TCP/IP. This set of internet connectivity standards was originally developed by the department of defense in the 1960s. It divides the network environment into four layers: access, data, control, and transport. Today, both LANsContinue Reading

There are many WordPress SEO plugins that help you optimize your website. Yoast is a popular plugin that has free and paid versions. It allows you to customize page titles, meta-descriptions, and headings. It also assigns different page titles to different keywords. The best WordPress SEO plugins can even makeContinue Reading

The Best WordPress Chat Plugins There are many options for the best WordPress chat plugins. The first option, Crisp Live Chat, combines live chat with calling. It allows users to call other website users through skype or gtalk. The downside is that it only offers live chat on mobile devices,Continue Reading

Chromecast Ethernet Adapter A Chromecast Ethernet Adapter is a great addition to your home entertainment system. It is a small, portable device that allows you to add wired internet to your Chromecast. It comes with an OTG powered cable and a hub for adding storage to your host device. ItContinue Reading

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One of the most common mistakes made when setting up a WordPress website is not testing new software. Many users just install plugins without testing them, which opens the door for hackers to exploit their weaknesses. While vanilla WordPress is relatively secure, it is possible to create vulnerabilities that hackersContinue Reading

The Cisco Packet Tracer is a software application that can be used to check the network topology and troubleshoot the files. It offers a user-friendly environment that encourages learning through simulation. This tool is free to download from Netacad. Unlike traditional hardware, it allows users to control the time intervalsContinue Reading